inspired by the natural world, Real stories - real emotion - real passion, Atmosphere, documentary meets narrative, Organic light, Chasing magic hour, knowing the right time right place, the mountains are calling and I must go - John Muir, the moonrise, embracing natural elements, dutch angle

Real Stories - Real Emotion - Real Passion

I embrace filmmaking and photography as multi-layered processes that involve the visualization, interpretation, and creation of an artistic vision.

I developed an affection for photography and film while growing up in the mountains of the Eastern Sierra. Inspired by the works of adventure photographer Galen Rowell, I discovered my passion for creating emotional connections through powerful and authentic images. Today I pursue this passion through motion pictures. I strive to capture thought-provoking stories that transcend genre and format. My mission is to inspire viewers to reflect and re-examine their lives and perceptions of the world.

I’ve had the opportunity to capture stories on a global scale and premiere films to audiences at Sundance, South By Southwest, Tribeca, and beyond. Notable feature length documentaries include "Seeing Allred" and "Not Going Quietly," Documentary Series "Home Game" Netflix and “Power Trip” Hulu. Accolades include a Primetime Emmy Nomination for HBO’s Olive Kitteridge Title Sequence. Los Angeles based. Local 600 IASTE.